Why Digital Marketing is important for your business
Why Digital Marketing is important for your business

Technology is constantly changing everyday and businesses are under constant pressure to catch up with these changes but let me be honest with you, it’s worth it. Marketing is one of the major field which is being affected by technology.

Below are some of the major reasons I believe can help you understand why digital marketing is important for your business.

1. Digital marketing has leveled the online playing field.

Small to medium businesses now have access to the same marketing resources which used to be available only to the big boys (big organizations). Small to medium businesses now have the chance to compete with the big organizations.

For example, if small companies can not afford a call center, they can utilize social media to communicate with their customers.

2. Digital marketing is Cost effective.

It cost more to place an advert in a newspaper or placing it on a billboard for everyone to see than advertising on social media or search engines. Digital marketing is less costly as compared to the traditional way of marketing. For example you can pay as little as $5 to advertise on Facebook.

It will cost you more if you were to place the same advert into a newspaper.

Digital marketing is rich with tools which provide you with insights on your campaign or how your advert is performing.

For example On Facebook, You can measure the effectiveness of the campaign through the number of impressions, how many people have seen the advert, the number of likes, shares or Retweet among other things.

This, by far, makes Digital Marketing better than Traditional Marketing. All this can be done from as little as $5. Imagine !!! 😊

3. Digital marketing deliver conversions

The goal of marketing is to increase sales. The goal of digital marketing is to convert leads, visits, likes, impressions etc into sales. They has to be results from all the marketing investments you make.

Digital marketing can deliver that for you provided you are using the right strategy on your campaigns. The goal of every business is to make profits and digital marketing can help you achieve that.

4. It expands your customer outreach

Digital marketing has allowed many organizations to better their customer interactions and procurement. It is now easy to reach out to more relevant and prospective customers than before, at the same time getting relevant feedback on products or services.

Complaints and inquiries are now being handled in a timely and convenient manner therefore creating strong relationships with customers.

These are not the only reasons why digital marketing is important for your business. I just highlighted the major ones i believe are more important. If you have any additions to the above article, just leave a comment below. Do not forget to share the knowledge.


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